Burnout and Boundaries: 2022 Annual Conference

  • 07 Feb 2022
  • 11:00 AM
  • 08 Feb 2022
  • 5:30 PM


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After the impossibly unsustainable academic year we've been managing, we want to create a space for both hope and tears, "you won't believe," and "we still believe,"  as we press forward with the theme: "Boundaries and Burnout." 

Our hope for our conference, Boundaries and Burnout, is to give attendees concrete tips to recognize and alleviate burnout. We want to move towards a comprehensive understanding of boundaries and how to harness them within the framework of chaplaincy in religious and spiritual life. 

The most common feedback we received about this conference was the desire for connection and restoration. After much deliberation and the hard work of our tech committee, we have decided to host our conference on Zoom in order to focus on connecting and restoring. We decided we didn’t need all the frills and wanted to avoid any learning curves so we can focus on what matters, each other. 

We welcome you in whatever state you may be in as we face new changes in a new year. All we ask is you show up so we can hold space for one another and learn together. We encourage you to use this conference as a retreat space. Check into a hotel, set an out-of-office message, and get comfortable.  

Links to each session will be on a private page on the website and sent in an emailed program the morning of February 7th.

For more information about the conference visit ACSLHE 2022 Annual Conference

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